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Baker, Glenn A (intro.)
The Elvis Album
Weldon, Willoughby, 1991.
Hardcover, quarto; silver boards with white spine titling, decorated endpapers; 239pp., monochrome and colour illustrations. Minor wear; board corners lightly frayed; text block edges spotted on upper edges. Illustrated dustwrapper with small tear on lower edge and long crease on rear panel. Very good to near fine and wrapper now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. In 1953, when Elvis Presley made his first amateur recording in Memphis, Tennessee, he was a truck driver for the Crown Electric Company. Three years later, he was the undisputed King of Rock-and-Roll, and one of the highest-paid entertainers in the USA. He scandalized respectable America, became the idol of its daughters and sons, and took popular music along a trail which has not yet come to an end. In this album, dynamic photographs capture Elvis on stage from his early performances to his final concerts on tour; advertisements and newspaper clippings follow the man and his music through twenty years of fame and unbelievable fortune; fascinating articles investigate the private and sometimes tragic life of the most outstanding entertainer of our time. With an introduction by music expert Glenn A. Baker and commentaries on each major period of Elvis' life, this is a lively, touching tribute to a man who was admired and loved by millions.
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Bell, Ian
Time Out Of Mind The Lives of Bob Dylan
Pegasus Books LLC., New York NY, 2014.
First edition. Octavo; hardcover, with silver-gilt spine titles; 576pp. Dustwrapper. Remainder. New. By the middle of the 1970s, Bob Dylan's position as the pre-eminent artist of his generation was assured. The 1975 album Blood on the Tracks seemed to prove, finally, that an uncertain age had found its poet. Then Dylan faltered. His instincts, formerly unerring, deserted him. In the 1980s, what had once appeared unthinkable came to pass: the "voice of a generation" began to sound irrelevant, a tale told to grandchildren. Yet in the autumn of 1997, something remarkable happened. Having failed to release a single new song in seven long years, Dylan put out the equivalent of two albums in a single package. In the concluding volume of his ground-breaking study, Ian Bell explores the unparalleled second act in a quintessentially American career. It is a tale of redemption, of an act of creative will against the odds, and of a writer who refused to fade away. Time Out of Mind is the story of the latest, perhaps the last, of the many Bob Dylans.
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Clinton, George, with Ben Greenman
Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You? A Memoir
Atria Books/Simon & Schuster Inc., New York NY, 2014.
Octavo; hardcover; 404pp., with a monochrome portrait frontispiece and 32pp. of full-colour and monochrome plates. Dustwrapper. Remainder. New. 'From the early days in New Jersey financing his musical visions with everything from hairdressing to counterfeit money schemes, Clinton was obsessed with creativity, though he wasn't exactly a musician. Clinton's greatest talents involved getting talented people - be they his friends, kids who wandered into the barbershop, or veterans of other funk or soul groups, to collaborate in ways that combine a hippie ethos with science-fiction futurism. He could take a brilliant Bootsy Collins groove and add the right words or weirdness to make it something special. He could recycle a song he wrote in 1959 or an old Latin melody and make it a portal into utopia. He could introduce comic book themes, theatrical elements, bizarre characters and fully integrate them into the funk without rock-opera awkwardness,' wrote Jake Austen. During the 1970s, when Parliament and Funkadelic ruled the R&B charts, George Clinton proved himself the most dynamic, bombastic artist of the most dynamic, bombastic era of pop music history. Some genuine Clinton wisdom on life as a professional musician: 'The mere fact of surviving in this industry is a huge victory. But survivors forget that the alternative is annihilation. They think that the choice is between a good career and a great one. They reach for stardom. And those unrealistic expectations are compounded by creative ability, or the lack of ability. People don't have a clear idea of what they can and can't do as artists. I knew my limits. I knew what I couldn't do. I couldn't play an instrument. I couldn't sing as well as some and I couldn't arrange as well as some others. But I could see the whole picture from altitude, and that let me land the planes.'
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Cott, Jonathan (ed.)
Bob Dylan The Essential Interviews
Simon & Schuster, New York NY, 2017.
Hardcover, octavo; quarter bound with white boards, black spine and gilt spine titling; 521pp. Dustwrapper. Remainder, new. Bob Dylan: The Essential Interviews features over two dozen of the most significant and revealing conversations with the singer, gathered in one definitive collection that spans his career from street poet to Nobel Laureate. First published in 2006, this acclaimed collection brought together the best interviews and encounters with Bob Dylan to create a multi-faceted, cultural, and journalistic portrait of the artist and his legacy. This edition includes three additional pieces from Rolling Stone that update the volume to the present day. Among the highlights are the seminal Rolling Stone interviews - anthologized here for the first time - by Jann Wenner, Jonathan Cott, Kurt Loder, Mikal Gilmore, Douglas Brinkley, and Jonathan Lethem - as well as Nat Hentoff's legendary 1966 Playboy interview. Surprises include Studs Terkel's radio interview in 1963 on WFMT in Chicago, the interview Dylan gave to screenwriter Jay Cocks when he was a student at Kenyon College in 1964, a 1965 interview with director Nora Ephron, and an interview Sam Shepard turned into a one-act play for Esquire in 1987.
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Dylan, Bob
Chronicles Volume 1
Simon & Schuster, New York NY, 2004.
First edition: octavo; hardcover, quarter-bound in papered boards with silver-gilt spine titling and black endpapers; 293pp., untrimmed. Minor wear; mild softening to the spine extremities; some mild spotting to the text block top edge. Minor wear to the dustwrapper; now backed by archival-quality white paper and professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. Near fine.
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Escott, Colin, with George Merritt & William MacEwen
Hank Williams The Biography
Little Brown and Company, Boston MA, 1994.
First edition. Octavo; hardcover, quarter-bound in papered boards with a blind-stamped upper board decoration; 307pp., with 16pp. of monochrome plates. Mild wear; text block top edge lightly spotted; some marks to the endpapers. Dustwrapper lightly rubbed and edgeworn; spine panel sunned; now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. Very good. His recording career lasted only six years, his spell at the top of his profession barely four, and he was only twenty-nine when a life of excess caught up with him. But in that brief span, Hank Williams created one of the greatest bodies of work in American music.
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Evans, Mike & Paul Kingsbury (eds.)
Woodstock: Three Days that Rocked the World
Sterling, New York, 2009.
Large quarto hardcover; black decorated boards with illustrated endpapers; 287pp., colour & b&w illustrations. Inscription. Minor wear only; very good in perspex titled dustwrapper It defined a generation, exemplified an era: Woodstock was unlike anything that has ever happened before or since. This legendary festival - where 32 of the best-known musicians of the day performed for an audience of nearly half a million - exemplified the counterculture of the late 1960s - early 1970s and the 'hippie era'. August 2009 marked the 40th anniversary of Woodstock and now readers can relive this monumental event and 'get back to the garden' with a day-by-day, act-by-act account of everything that went down on Yasgur's Farm. With interviews and quotes from those who were there the musicians, the fans, the organisers - and a wealth of photographs and graphic memorabilia, "Woodstock" is the ultimate celebration of a landmark in modern cultural history.
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Frith, Simon
Performing Rites: On the Value of Popular Music
Oxford University Press, 1996.
Octavo hardcover; quarter bound green boards with black spine and gilt spine titling, green endpapers; 352pp. Mild spotting to text block edges. Illustrated black dustwrapper slightly sunned along the spine panel; now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. Very good. Who's better? Billie Holiday or P. J. Harvey? Blur or Oasis? Dylan or Keats? And how many friendships have ridden on the answer? Such questions aren't merely the stuff of fanzines and idle talk; they inform our most passionate arguments, distill our most deeply held values, make meaning of our ever-changing culture. In Performing Rites, one of the most influential writers on popular music asks what we talk about when we talk about music. What's good, what's bad? What's high, what's low? Why do such distinctions matter? Instead of dismissing emotional response and personal taste as inaccessible to the academic critic, Simon Frith takes these forms of engagement as his subject - and discloses their place at the very center of the aesthetics that structure our culture and color our lives. Taking up hundreds of songs and writers, Frith insists on acts of evaluation of popular music as music. Ranging through and beyond the twentieth century, Performing Rites puts the Pet Shop Boys and Puccini, rhythm and lyric, voice and technology, into a dialogue about the undeniable impact of popular aesthetics on our lives. How we nod our heads or tap our feet, grin or grimace or flip the dial; how we determine what's sublime and what's "for real" - these are part of the way we construct our social identities, and an essential response to the performance of all music. Frith argues that listening itself is a performance, both social gesture and bodily response. From how they are made to how they are received, popular songs appear here as not only meriting aesthetic judgments but also demanding them, and shaping our understanding of what all music means.
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Frith, Simon
The Sociology of Rock
Constable, London, 1978.
First paperback printing. Octavo; 255pp. Toned and spotted text block and page edges; slight edgewear to covers, creased and faded spine. Very good. Frith's first book. In it he examines the consumption, production, and ideology of rock music. He explores rock as leisure, as youth culture, as a force for liberation or oppression, and as background music. He argues that rock music is a mass cultural form which derives its meaning and relevance from being a mass medium. He discusses the differences in perception and use of rock between the music industry and music consumers, as well as differences within those groups: "The industry may or may not keep control of rock's use, but it will not be able to determine all its meanings - the problems of capitalist community and leisure are not so easily resolved."
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Grant, Colin
The Natural Mystics: Marley, Tosh and Wailer
W W Norton, New York, 2011.
Hardcover, octavo; dustwrapper; 305pp., monochrome plates. Remainder. New. " 'History lies just beneath the surface of life in Jamaica,' observes Colin Grant, and his biography of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston - the founding triumvirate of the Wailers - proves as much an attempt to pin down the island's tangled past and slippery character. As Jamaica's most famous son, Marley defined his homeland as the isle of reggae and Rastafari, but other identities shimmer in the Caribbean heat: British slave plantation, CIA protectorate, Christian bastion, Ian Fleming's upper-class haven, cocaine trade staging post. That communist Cuba and free-market Florida are near neighbours adds political tension to the mix. Grant, the biographer of another Jamaican hero, Marcus Garvey, is skilled at peeling away layers of history to reveal, for example, the connection between the bloody labour riots of 1938 and the foundation of Jamaica's two political parties, or the way a dirt-poor itinerant workforce encouraged fatherless families. Peter Tosh's father, a pastor, had nothing to do with his child. Bob Marley's father, a peripatetic white ex-soldier who styled himself 'Captain' Marley, likewise abandoned his son..... Grant's lengthy delineation of Rasta thought (the 'I and I' of the title is Rasta speak for 'we') shows that its theology can be as dogmatic and schismatic as any papal bull, while its millenarian mood recalls the Revelation-fuelled prophecies of US evangelism. He argues that Rastafarian 'sufferers' and the alarmed denizens of uptown Kingston had much in common. For both, 'Jamaica was somewhere you put up with. Real life was elsewhere. For Rastas it was Ethiopia, for their upper-crust cousins Zion was Miami.' His contention that the three Wailers offer alternate paths for the black man - 'accommodate and succeed (Marley), fight and die (Tosh) or retreat and live (Wailer)' - makes a neat but flawed thesis. Marley was a performer of shamanic power and a prolific songsmith adept at both militant anthems and love songs. Tosh, undeniably charismatic, was one-dimensional by comparison, his greatest hit a Tamla-Motown cover version, his recording contracts suggesting no lack of 'accommodation' with the Babylonian music industry. Bunny, appalled by the 'freak shows' and 'war zones' he encountered on tour in Europe, bowed out to make music, though he occasionally pops up, usually with a tirade against the 'slackness' (immorality) of digital reggae and the decline of Jamaica, which now has the third highest murder rate in the world." - Neil Spencer, The Guardian.
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Hayward, Mark, & Mike Evans
The Beatles: On Camera, Off Guard 1963-69
Pavilion, London, 2009.
Quarto; hardcover, with illustrated endpapers and a DVD in an envelope tipped-in to the rear endpapers; 208pp., many colour and monochrome illustrations. Mild wear; light scraping to board corners; one or two spots on the text block edges. Dustwrapper now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. Near fine. It perhaps seems impossible that any images of the Beatles remain unseen, but this fascinating book accompanied by a DVD of rare 8mm footage provides a whole new insight into the Beatles, in pictures. The over 200 images include several early photos of The Quarrymen - when John first met Paul; the filming of A Hard Day's Night at Paddington; the Beatles in the Bahamas in 1965 filming Help; John and Yoko at home; and Paul on holiday in Frank Sinatra's Learjet... plus many more! Encapsulating the culture, music and spirit of the '60s, this unique book brings us closer to one of the world's all-time favourite bands and is sure to delight any fan.
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Hewitt, Paolo (Introduction by Robert Elms)
Bowie Album by Album
Insight Editions, San Rafael CA, 2013.
Quarto; hardcover, with illustrated boards and decorated endpapers; 288pp., with many monochrome and full-colour illustrations. Dustwrapper. Remainder. New. Album by Album examines every one of Bowie's studio albums in fine detail right up to 2016's critically acclaimed Blackstar, released just two days before his death. Each album is placed within the context of the time in which it was recorded and all of the albums' subsequent influence and legacy are charted. Also included is commentary from the musicians, engineers and producers who worked on the recordings - such as Brian Eno and Tony Visconti - and Bowie's own quotes provide a fascinating insight into his restlessly creative mind.
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Heylin, Clinton
Revolution in the Air - The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol.1: 1957-73
Hardie Grant, Prahran, 2009.
Octavo; hardcover; white boards with black spine titling; 482pp. Mild spotting to text block edges. Illustrated dustwrapper with slight edgewear; now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. Very good.
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Hilburn, Robert
Johnny Cash: The Life
Little Brown and Co., New York, 2013.
First edition. Hardcover, octavo, 679pp., monochrome illustrations. Dustwrapper. Remainder. New. "Johnny Cash's life was a country song full of love and loss, passion and heartbreak - grief, loneliness, guilt, faith, melodrama and striving for redemption. His rough childhood and youth, and turbulent struggles with addiction and family tumult, gave him empathy for sinners in search of salvation and all those who had done hard time or known hard times. His plain-spoken writing and gritty, soul-deep singing transcended musical genres and gave voice to ordinary Americans' experience of adversity. He was that rare outlaw beloved by soldiers and student protesters alike, by rock 'n' rollers, convicts and devotees of Billy Graham's crusades. As Bob Dylan said of Cash and America: 'He is what the land and the country are all about, the heart and soul of it personified and what it means to be here, and he said it all in plain English'; if we want to know what it means to be mortal, we need look no further than the Man in Black.' Johnny Cash: The Life, gives us a thorough and thoughtful portrait of the Man in Black and a deep appreciation of his artistry, tracing the well-known outlines of his life - from his hardscrabble upbringing in rural Dyess, Ark., to his apprenticeship at Sun Records in Memphis, to his ascension as a patriarchal figure in the music world." - Michiko Kakutani
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Hoskyns, Barney (ed.)
Joni The Anthology
Picador/Pan Books Ltd./Macmillan Publishing Group LLC, New York NY, 2017.
Octavo; hardcover; 310pp. Dustwrapper. Remainder. New. Nine Grammys. More than ten million albums sold. Named one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time by Rolling Stone. "Joni: The Anthology" is an essential collection of writings on Joni Mitchell that charts every major moment of the famed troubadour's extraordinary career, as it happened. In collecting materials long unavailable, rare, or otherwise difficult to find, "Joni: The Anthology" illuminates the evolution of modern rock journalism while providing an invaluable and accessible guide to appreciating the highs - and the lows - of a twentieth century legend.
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Johnston, Ian
Bad Seed The Biography of Nick Cave
Little Brown & Co., London, 1995.
Octavo hardcover; navy boards with gilt spine titling and dark blue endpapers; 344pp., b&w plates. Slightly rolled; toned text block and page edges. Very good in like dustwrapper now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film.
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Johnstone, Damian
The Wild One The Life and Times of Johnny O'Keefe
Allen & Unwin, Crow's Nest NSW, 2001.
Octavo; paperback; 346pp., with many monochrome illustrations. Mild wear; covers rubbed and edgeworn; spine creased; text block top edge dusted; previous owner's name in ink to the first page. Very good. An elemental force present at the creation of Australian rock 'n' roll, Johnny O'Keefe converted incredible drive, a tremendous flair for showmanship and a larrikin spirit into status as his country's first rock star. Tragically, Johnny was dead at 43, after thirty hit singles and twenty-eight albums, and a succession of (self-inflicted) disasters - a near fatal car crash, a much publicised series of nervous breakdowns, bouts of alcoholism and drug addiction. His influence was immense; few in the world of popular music begrudged him the title 'the King of Australian Rock and Roll'.
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Kelly, Paul
How to Make Gravy
Hamish Hamilton/Penguin, Camberwell, 2010.
First edition. Octavo hardcover; silver decorated boards and endpapers; 568pp., colour & b&w plates. Minor wear; toning and some scattered spots on text block and page edges, Illustrated glassine dustwrapper with mild edgewear. Very good.
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Kot, Greg
I'll Take You There Mavis Staples, The Staple Singers, and the March Up Freedom's Highway
Scribner/Simon & Schuster, New York NY, 2014.
Hardcover, octavo; dustwrapper; 308pp., monochrome plates. Remainder New. "Ultimately, Kot depicts the endurance of Mavis Staples and her family's music as an inspiration, a saga that takes us, like the song that inspired this book's name, to a place where ain't nobody crying." - The Washington Post
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Leibovitz, Liel
A Broken Hallelujah Rock and Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen
W.W. Norton & Co. Inc., New York NY, 2014.
Octavo; hardcover; 281pp., with many monochrome illustrations. Dustwrapper. Remainder. New. "In 'A Broken Hallelujah: Rock and Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen', Liel Leibovitz neatly limns the spiritual quest that underpins most of Cohen's work, from Montreal to Tel Aviv and beyond. Less about Suzanne than 'Suzanne,' Leibovitz's book highlights the novelist behind the songwriter, the poet behind the novelist, and the would-be prophet looming over them all."- Marc Dolan, author of "Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock'n' Roll".
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Marcus, Greil
The Doors
Public Affairs, New York, 2011.
Octavo; hardcover; white boards with gilt spine titling, decorated endpapers; 210pp., b&w illustrations. Dustwrapper. Remainder. New. A fan from the moment the Doors' first album arrived, Greil Marcus saw the band many times at the legendary Filmore Auditorium and the Avalon Ballroom in 1967. Five years later it was all over. Forty years after the singer Jim Morrison was found dead in Paris and the group disbanded, Greil Marcus muses on how one could drive from here to there, changing from one FM pop station to another, and be all but guaranteed to hear two, three, four Doors songs in an hour. Whatever the demands in the music, they remained unsatisfied, in the largest sense unfinished and absolutely alive. There have been many books on the Doors. This is the first to bypass their myth, their mystique, and the death cult both of Jim Morrison and the era he was made to personify, and focus solely on the music.
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Marcus, Greil
In the Fascist Bathroom Writings on Punk: 1977-1992
Viking, London, 993.
First UK edition: octavo; hardcover; 438pp., with monochrome illustrations. Mild wear; toning to text block edges with one or two marks and spots. Dustwrapper now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. Very good. Was punk just another moment in music history, a flash in time when a group of young rebels exploded in a fury of raw sound, outrageous styles, and in-your-face attitude? Greil Marcus, author of the renowned Lipstick Traces, delves into the after-life of punk as a much richer phenomenon-a form of artistic and social rebellion that continually erupts into popular culture. In more than seventy short pieces written over fifteen years, he traces the uncompromising strands of punk from Johnny Rotten to Elvis Costello, Sonic Youth, even Bruce Springsteen. Marcus's unparalleled insight into present-day culture and brilliant ear for music bring punk's searing half-life into deep focus.
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Marcus, Greil
Invisible Republic Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes
Henry Holt, New York, 1997.
First edition. Hardcover, octavo; black boards with silver gilt spine titling and black endpapers; 286pp. Minor wear; mild rubbing to board edges; text block and page edges browned and spotted. Slightly rubbed illustrated dustwrapper with mild edgewear and fine crease along top front edge: now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. Otherwise very good. Greil Marcus has been called "simply peerless, not only as a rock writer but as a cultural historian" (Nick Hornby). It's appropriate, then, that he should choose to explore one of the most defining moments in American music: Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes. It was 1967 - the Summer of Love. Bob Dylan and five other musicians (later known as The Band) met in a bungalow in Woodstock, New York, and wrote and produced music that ignored the psychedelic sounds of the time, songs that would eventually become known simply as "The Basement Tapes." The group mined the history of American music and their own talents to produce legendary tracks that were bootleg issues before appearing in official release. That is the alchemy that was practiced in the Basement Tapes laboratory, and "in that alchemy," Marcus writes, "is an undiscovered country, like the purloined letter hiding in plain sight." Marcus explores this music and the cauldron of the American experience in which it was formed in a book that illuminates America, then and now.
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Miles, Barry
Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now
Secker & Warburg, London, 1997.
First edition. Octavo hardcover; black boards with gilt spine titling and black endpapers; 654pp., b&w plates. Minor wear; browned and spotted text block and page edges with some marks; lightly rubbed black illustrated dustwrapper with mild wear to edges; now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. Very good. Based on hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews over a period of five years, and with complete access to Paul's own archives, Barry Miles has succeeded in letting Paul tell the story of his life as a Beatle in his own words. It includes Paul's recollection of the genesis of every song that he wrote with John Lennon and the fascinating details about their remarkable collaboration.
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Morrow, Chris
Stir It Up Reggae Album Cover Art
Chronicle Books, San Francisco CA, 1999.
Quarto; gatefold paperback; 120pp., with many colour illustrations. Minor wear. Near fine. Over 30 years ago, reggae exploded out of Jamaica to become a worldwide musical and cultural phenomenon. This book is a journey through the art of reggae album covers, from mento, ska and rocksteady in the '60s, to the Rastafarian influences of the '70s and dancehall in the '80s. Chris Morrow provides insights into how some of the genre's most powerful covers were created, from those with a serious message - political corruption, Pan-Africanism and nuclear war - to more lighthearted topics such as steamy dances and smoke-wreathed spliffs. With a foreword by Neville Garrick, who designed many albums for Bob Marley, and some rare covers and a select discography.
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Murray, Charles Shaar
Crosstown Traffic Jimi Hendrix and Post-War Pop
Faber and Faber, London, 1989.
Paperback, octavo; 247pp., colour and monochrome plates. Moderate wear; toned and spotted text block and page edges; foxing on preliminaries and title page; light wear to cover edges and corners with creasing along spine and spine edges. Very good. Jimi Hendrix 'transgressed many boundaries; both arbitrary musical definitions separating blues and soul or jazz and rock, and also those fundamental divides between the archaic and the avant-garde, between individualist and collectivist philosophies, between blacks and whites, between America and Britain, between passive acquiescence and furious resistance, between lust for life and obsession with death.' Crosstown Traffic charts the routes Hendrix took to arrive at his 'unique musical formulation'. The result is a bravura study of his art and life that has become established as the definitive work on 'the most eloquent instrumentalist ever to work in rock.'
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Norman, Philip
John Lennon: The Life: signed copy
HarperCollins, London, 2008.
Hardcover, octavo; black boards with white spine titling; 853pp., monochrome plates. Signed in ink by the author. Minor wear only; near fine in like dustwrapper with mild wear to edges and tiny scrape on head of spine. Wrapper now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film.
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O'Dair, Marcus (Introduction by Jonathan Coe)
Different Every Time The Authorised Biography of Robert Wyatt
Soft Skull Press/Counterpoint, Berkeley CA, 2015.
Octavo; paperback; 460pp., with many monochrome illustrations. Remainder. New. Robert Wyatt started out as the drummer and singer for Soft Machine, who shared a residency at Middle Earth with Pink Floyd and toured America with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He brought a jazz mindset to the 1960's rock scene, having honed his drumming skills in a shed at the end of Robert Graves' garden in Mallorica, Spain. Wyatt's life took an abrupt turn in 1973, when he fell from a fourth-floor window at a party and was paralyzed from the waist down. He reinvented himself as a singer and composer with the extraordinary album Rock Bottom, which he followed with an idiosyncratic string of records that uniquely combine the personal and political. Along the way, Robert has worked with the likes of Brian Eno, Bjork, Jerry Dammers, Charlie Haden, David Gilmour, Paul Weller and Hot Chip. Marcus O'Dair has talked to all of them - indeed anyone who has shaped, or been shaped by Wyatt over five decades. Different Every Time is the first biography of Robert Wyatt, and it was written with his full participation. It includes illustrations by Alfreda Benge and photographs from Robert's personal archive.
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Palmer, Robert
Blues & Chaos The music writings of Robert Palmer
Scribner, New York, 2009.
Hardcover, octavo, 452pp. Dustwrapper. Remainder. New. Robert Palmer's extraordinary knowledge and boundless love of music were evident in all his writing. He was an authority on rock and roll, blues, jazz, punk, avant-garde and world music - often discovering new artists and trends years before they hit the mainstream. Now noted music writer Anthony DeCurtis has compiled the best pieces from Palmer's oeuvre and presents them here in one compelling volume.
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Pawlowski, Gareth L.
How They Became the Beatles A Definitive History of the Early Years 1960-1964
MacDonald, Sydney, 1990.
Quarto, hardcover; black boards with gilt spine titling; unpaginated with mainly monochrome illustrations. Faint spotting and a few tiny marks on text block edges; slight rippling to pages. Black illustrated dustwrapper with small scrapes at upper corners and head of spine. Very good. Wrapper now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film.
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Scarfe, Gerald
The Making of Pink Floyd - The Wall
Da Capo/Perseus Books Group, New York NY, 2010.
Quarto; gatefold paperback; 256pp., colour illustrations. Remainder. New. Pink Floyd's The Wall is one of the most iconic and imaginative albums in the history of rock music, spawning one of the most ambitious stage show productions ever conceived, and a film that instantly became a cult classic. All three were created in close collaboration with renowned cartoonist and illustrator Gerald Scarfe. Here, for the first time, Scarfe shares his experiences with the band and reveals the inside story behind The Wall's development in the studio, on the stage, in front of the camera, and for the 2010 tour. Beautifully illustrated, The Making of Pink Floyd: The Wall contains hundreds of unseen photos as well as exclusive interviews with Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and more. The result is a book Waters calls "brilliant" and "absolutely amazing."
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Shelton, Robert
No Direction Home The Life and Music of Bob Dylan
Backbeat, Milwaukee, 2011.
Quarto, hardcover, 359pp., monochrome illustrations. As new in like dustwrapper. Amidst the by now enormous Dylan bibliography, this one stands apart being the only one written with the subject's active cooperation. Shelton first met the musician when he first arrived in New York and became his friend, champion and critic. The book was hailed as the essential biography when it was first published in 1986. This edition restores unpublished parts of the original manuscript and provides updated footnotes and chronology.
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Unterberger, Richie
The Unreleased Beatles Music & Film
Backbeat Books, San Francisco CA, 2006.
Quarto; gatefold paperback; 389pp., with many monochrome illustrations. Remainder. New. The Unreleased Beatles: Music and Film details the incredible wealth of music the Beatles recorded that they did not release, as well as musical footage of the group that hasn't been made commercially available. The 400-page, 8 1/2" X 11"-sized, illustrated book examines all unreleased studio outtakes, BBC radio recordings from 1962-65, live concert performances, home demos, private tapes, fan club Christmas recordings, and other informal recordings done outside of EMI studios that have escaped into circulation. Chronologically sequenced entries for all the Beatles' unreleased recordings of note from 1957 to 1970 are here, as well as all the unreleased Beatles musical video footage of note from 1961 to 1970. Also included are overviews of songs composed by the Beatles that were never recorded by the group, but given away to other artists; recordings known or rumored to have been made by the group that haven't yet circulated; Beatles compositions never recorded by anyone; coverage of music the group didn't release while active, but later put out on albums such as The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, Live! At the Star-Club, Live at the BBC, Let It Be...Naked, and the Anthology volumes; and a history of Beatles bootlegs. Written with critical, descriptive analysis emphasizing the music and its most human, artistic qualities - and not just where and when the recordings were made - The Unreleased Beatles: Music and Film is a history for both the general fan and the specialized Beatlemaniac.
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Vanhecke, Susan
Race with the Devil Gene Vincent's Life in the Fast Lane
St. Martin's Press, New York NY, 2000.
Octavo; hardcover, with metallic-blue spine titles; 277pp., with 8pp. of monochrome plates. Minor wear. Dustwrapper is lightly rubbed and edgeworn; now professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. Very good. Gene Vincent - most famous for his classic 1950s rendition of "Be-Bop-A-Lula" - is one of the most influential rock and roll artists of all times. Elvis Presley adopted his loose-hipped style, and bands from The Rolling Stones to The Beatles toured Britain with him throughout the fifties and early sixties. Led Zepplin's Robert Plant lauds Vincent as his favourite vocalist of all time, Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck claims Vincent is the reason he played music, and Paul Westerberg of the Replacements calls him "the soul of Rock and Roll." But beyond his undeniable musical importance lay a man with an almost pathological personality whose creative talents and volatile temper never failed - for better or for worse - to touch those around him. Elvis Presley, with his suggestive gyrations, was disturbing to mainstream America in the 50s. Gene Vincent, with his earthy lyrics, moans and pants, and full-on bodily contortions was downright shocking. This is the first biography of this incredible figure in the history of American music.
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Wald, Elijah
Dylan Goes Electric! Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night that Split the Sixties
HarperCollins Publishers Inc., New York NY, 2015.
Octavo hardcover, 354pp., monochrome plates. Dustwrapper. New, remainder. "On 25 July 1965, Bob Dylan - then 24 - appeared at the Newport folk festival in Rhode Island, backed by the multi-instrumentalist Al Kooper, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, from Chicago. He played only three songs with the group, before returning solo on stage to play two more on a borrowed acoustic guitar. In response to the electric section, some in the audience cheered, while others booed - though they may have been protesting against Dylan's short set or the shortcomings of the sound as much as from a feeling of betrayal. That said, a strong conviction that Dylan was doing something unforgivable was in the air: the folklorist Alan Lomax later said that Dylan and his 'very bad, very loud, electronic r-r band' had 'more or less killed the festival.' Whatever the reality, the accepted account of what had happened was soon established: Dylan and his band facing a wall of boos and catcalls, and carrying on regardless. Some versions had it that the veteran folk musician and activist Pete Seeger reacted to Dylan's set by trying to cut through cables with an axe. No matter that Dylan had recently released half an album's worth of 'electric' music on Bringing It All Back Home, nor that a fully powered band had backed him on a 1962 single titled 'Mixed-Up Confusion': Newport became the moment he 'went electric', and scandalised the earnest devotees of the American folk revival so greatly that many never recovered. In not much longer than 10 minutes, as Elijah Wald puts it, Dylan triggered the end of the folk revival as a mass movement and the birth of rock as the mature artistic voice of a generation." - John Harris
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Wiley, Adrienne (ed.)
The Bob Dylan Scrapbook 1956-1966
Grey Water Park Productions/Simon & Schuster (Aust.) Pty. Ltd., Sydney NSW, 2005.
Quarto; hardcover, quarter-bound in cloth with a papered spine, with a tipped-on upper board illustration and a CD tipped-in to the inside front cover; 64pp., with many colour illustrations and tipped-in, die-cut pockets and folding inserts. Mild wear; a heavy bump to the spine head; spine lightly sunned. No dustwrapper as issued. Very good in a like slipcase. Laid in: two associated postcards and two tickets to a Sydney concert performance by Bob Dylan in 2011.
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Yaffe, David
Reckless Daughter A Portrait of Joni Mitchell
HarperCollins, Toronto ON Canada, 2017.
Octavo; hardcover, quarter bound in cloth; 420pp., with many full-colour and monochrome plates. Dustwrapper. Remainder. New. Reckless Daughter is the story of an artist and an era that have left an indelible mark on American music. In this biography, music critic David Yaffe tells the remarkable, heart-wrenching story of how the blond girl with the guitar became a superstar of folk music in the 1960s, a key figure in the Laurel Canyon music scene of the 1970s, and the songwriter who spoke resonantly to, and for, audiences across the country. A Canadian prairie girl, a free-spirited artist, Mitchell never wanted to be a pop star. She was nothing more than "a painter derailed by circumstances," she would explain. And yet, she went on to become a talented self-taught musician and a brilliant bandleader, releasing album after album, each distinctly experimental, challenging, and revealing. Her lyrics captivated listeners with their perceptive language and naked emotion, born out of Mitchell's life, loves, complaints, and prophecies. As an artist whose work deftly balances narrative and musical complexity, she has been admired by such legendary lyricists as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen and beloved by such groundbreaking jazz musicians as Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Shorter, and Herbie Hancock. Her hits - from "Big Yellow Taxi" to "Both Sides, Now" to "A Case of You" - endure as timeless favorites, and her influence on the generations of singer-songwriters who would follow her, from her devoted fan Prince to Bjork, is undeniable. Drawing on dozens of unprecedented in-person interviews with Mitchell, her childhood friends, and a cast of famous characters, Yaffe reveals the backstory behind the famous songs - from Mitchell's youth in Canada, her bout with polio at age nine, and her early marriage and the child she gave up for adoption, through the love affairs that inspired masterpieces, and up to the present - and shows us why Mitchell has so enthralled her listeners, her lovers, and her friends.
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Young, Neil
Special Deluxe A Memoir of Life & Cars
Penguin, 2014.
Octavo hardcover; quarter bound brown papered boards with brown spine and gilt spine titling, illustrated endpapers; 383pp., colour illustrations. Dustwrapper. Remainder, new. Neil Young's first memoir, Waging Heavy Peace, was an international bestseller and critical sensation. Now, in Special Deluxe, Young has fashioned a second work of extraordinary reminiscences about his Canadian boyhood, his musical influences, his family, the rock'n'roll life, and one of his deepest, most ebullient passions: cars. Through the framework of the many vehicles he's collected and driven, Young explores his love for the well-crafted vintage automobile, and examines his newfound awareness of his hobby's negative environmental impact. With his ferocious devotion to clean energy, he recounts the saga of Lincvolt, his specially modified electric car, and his efforts to demonstrate to lawmakers and consumers how viable non-gas-guzzling vehicles truly can be. Special Deluxe captures Young's singular lyrical, almost musical, voice. Witty, eclectic, and wonderfully candid, Special Deluxe is an unforgettable amalgam of memories, artwork, and political ponderings from one of the most genuine and enigmatic artists of our time.
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