Below is a listing of our current catalogues.

Children's Catalogue A selection of books for children. Includes some signed and related titles.
Australian Children's Catalogue A selection of antipodean books for children. Includes some signed and related titles.
Mary Grant Bruce Catalogue A selection of works by one of Australia's earliest young adult fiction writers.
Enid Blyton Series and individual titles.
Captain W.E. Johns Biggles and others.
Modern First Editions Catalogue A selection of modern first editions and significant printings.
P.G. Wodehouse Collection Works by Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (1881-1975).
Australian and New Zealand Literature A selection of antipodean modern first editions, signed, and significant printings.
Literature in Translation Poetry, drama and prose.
Japanese Literature Poetry, drama and prose from early times to the present.
Classics Classic works in antiquarian or otherwise distinctive bindings.
Signed Literature Catalogue Works of fiction and poetry.
Classic Poetry Catalogue Classic and traditional poetry.
Modern Poetry Catalogue Poetry of the modern period.
Australian Poetry Catalogue Poetry of the Antipodes.
Drama Dramatic works from antiquity to the present (plus a few texts of ancillary interest).
Literary Biography Lives and letters.
Signed Books Works in miscellaneous fields (excluding literature).
Western Classical Music Catalogue The composers, the compositions, the instruments and styles.
Jazz and Blues Catalogue The musics, the musicians and the cultural contexts.
Anthropology Catalogue Books on anthropology, ethnology, ethnography, ethnomusicology and indigenous art.
Aboriginal Australia (see also Australian Aboriginal Art) Indigenous Australian culture and experience.
The Medieval World In history, culture and the imagination.
Australian Aboriginal Art Traditional and modern.
Colonial and Traditional Australian Art Australian art from the early days of European settlement to the Heidelberg School.
Modern Australian Art Australian art from the early twentieth century to the present.
The Lindsays Australian arts, literature, criticism and translation.
Signed Australian Art Books signed by Australian artists and writers on Australian art.
Australian Art Catalogues Exhibition catalogues and related.
Australian Architecture Architecture in Australia from the early days of European settlement.
World Architecture Books on architecture exclusive of Australia.
Japanese Art, Architecture and Crafts Monographs and considerations of Japanese art, architecture and crafts.
William Blake Collection The life, writings and art of the poet-painter and mystic. Two additional titles on Samuel Palmer.
Pre-Raphaelites, Symbolists and Decadents Art and literature.
Surrealism and Related Predecessors, exponents and inheritors.
Photography History, themes, practioners.
Blue Mountains Catalogue The landscape, history, and guide-books.
Blue Mountains Secondhand Catalogue Out-of-print and rare titles.
Occult and Witchcraft Catalogue Occult sciences and witchery.
Taoism and Zen Buddhism Taoist and Zen Buddhist texts and commentaries.
American Civil War Catalogue History of the war, biographies, regimental histories.
Maritime History Catalogue Books on ships, sailors, pirates and voyages of exploration.
Australian Maritime History Books pertaining to the exploration and European settlement of the Australian continent.
Ocean Liners Catalogue Books on the great luxury liners, including the ill-fated Titanic.
Ship Modelling Books on how to build scale replicas.
Railways The history, the engines, the lines, the personalities.
Australian Railways The antipodean context.
Trams Books on trams and related.
Aviation Those magnificent men (and women!) in their flying machines.
Automotive A selection of books and other material about cars, trucks, tractors and motorcycles.
Japanese Martial Arts The samurai tradition and the martial arts.
Fish and Fishing Catalogue The life and habits of fish and fishermen.
Cricket Catalogue Books (including signed) on the "incomparable" game...
Alfred Hitchcock Biographical and critical studies.
Marilyn Monroe The life, films and images of Norma Jeane Mortenson.
Ronald Searle Books on how to be topp!
Conjury Books on stage magic, stories about stage magicians and the lives of the great illusionists. Hey Presto!
Classic Clowns The silents, the verbal gymnasts and subversives: crown princes and jesters at the court of laughter (but without accounting for Monty Python).
Python Rules! Rites of Python and other divergences.
Folio Society I Classics of literature - including poetry, drama and children's literature - and literary biography in distinctive Folio Society bindings and slipcases.
Folio Society II Modern literature in Folio Society bindings and slipcases.
Folio Society III Works of history in Folio Society bindings and slipcases.
Folio Society IV Works of science, religion, travel, the arts, etc. in Folio Society bindings and slipcases.
Ion Idriess Collection Travels, biography, history by the indefatigible Australian author.
Odds and Ends The occasional, the periodic and the ephemeral. Comprising booklets, magazines, catalogues, guides, postcards, etc. Also including reference material.
Goddess Catalogue Manifestations of the Goddess in art, literature and culture.
Cookery Catalogue The chefs, the ingredients, the recipes.
World Cuisine The styles, the flavours, the cultural influences.
Botany and Related Books on plants in the wild, botany and botanical illustration.
Gardens and Gardeners Famous gardens, garden styles and their makers.
Oriental Gardening Asian gardens and gardening principles. Includes books on bonsai and ikebana.
Plants Catalogue Books on specific plant species and their cultivation.
Gardening Miscellany Ruminations, methodologies, garden tips and how-tos.
Australian Fauna The native animals of the Australian continent.
A Collector's Catalogue of Crime Fiction & Thrillers First and rare editions, signed and otherwise collectable volumes.
"Sax Rohmer" Collection A catalogue of titles by the creator of Fu Manchu, Arthur Henry "Sarsfield" Ward.
Classic Crime Paperbacks A catalogue of pulp-format crime and thriller fiction.
A Collector's Catalogue of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Arthur C. Clarke, Tolkien, Robert E. Howard: first and rare editions, signed and otherwise collectable volumes.
Doctor Who A catalogue of works concerning the iconic television series..
Explorers and Pioneers Accounts of explorations and epic adventures (including mountaineering).
Archaeology Finding the physical evidence of the past world...
Australian Colonial History Works concerning the history of Australia from the early days of European settlement.
Japanese Life and Culture Books on Japanese life, history and customs.
Tea The history, philosophy and practice of the 'heavenly' beverage. Includes a number of books on Chanoyu.
Science and Mathematics Works concerning science, scientists and mathematics.
Comics and Illustration Books by and about illustrators, comics writers and graphic narrative artists.
Horses Books about horses and the equestrian arts.